Thursday, June 21, 2012

Same time, same place?

See ya again next year, around the same time, same place?  It turns out you can fight city hall and sometimes, just sometimes you will win.  I took my complaint that Phoenix was being graduated from school too soon according to the education act to the provincial government and she has been granted another year.  This is HUGE!  I continue to learn as I go along as four of my kids if not five could have had this same time at their school but were graduated at eighteen but instead I found a different school that would provide them entrance.  Our education act reads in such a way that it can be inconsistently and arbitrarily implemented.  I've sort of had enough of that.

Though I have been told by the political fellow I approached that Phoenix will have another year as he was directed by the Minister of Education's office and also by someone else from the provincial education office I have still not been informed by our local board.  I have a feeling they are going to be a tad miffed.  I'm thinking that although the school loves Phoenix and I have had a positive relationship with the school going on twenty five (yes that is 2 5 years) I'm thinking I might not be all that popular for a while.

I am expecting that when I finally do hear from someone locally that I am going to be told that we will get one more year.  I might have to remind them that there is a proposed new school act that has the age of graduation being raised another year....  Baby steps I guess.  Don't want to make their heads explode yet.  If nothing else this will force everyone to get on the same page in regards to how to implement the act and make it fair and accessible to all and for the Minister to clearly define length of time in school as it pertains to the severely, profoundly disabled student.

As it stands now however is that Phoenix will remain in what I consider to be a productive, stimulating, nurturing environment.  I suppose it might be too much to ask that she remain with the same teacher?  One more request might just throw them over the edge.  Course that's where I live and the weather's not too bad so they might like it...

As an it considered inappropriate to tell your local politician who accomplished what some said would never be allowed if he were beside you at the time of the good news you would kiss him on the lips?  Ooops....

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