Sunday, June 24, 2012

Plagiarized baby shower

I tried my hand at hosting a baby shower this weekend.  It was in doing that I found a possible purpose for pinterest (is that how you spell it?).

I am sooo not crafty, creative nor imaginative.  I want to be but sort of in the same way I want to be an athlete and an intellect.  I want to just BE that not have to put effort into being that.  I like nice things and pretty presentation.  I like it a lot when other people do it.

In discovering Pinterest I was able to plagiarize the baby shower.  The's totally acceptable! 
Everyone loved the cake to which of course I took credit for making.  All the kids, some who don't know me well called me on my schtick and didn't believe me for a second.  The bakery box might have given it away however kids are intuitive and of course picked up on the fact that it would be highly unlikely that I would have been able to accomplish that.

I might have copied everything else but the bows which are actually hair barrettes that I scotch taped on were TOTALLY ME!  I know, right?

Cant get this child to consistently do her chores but throw a party and she totally puts out (hmm bad choice of words I suppose so change that to works really really hard at her own initiative)
The baby of the hour

Nana love

The mother hitting the mother load

They don't care what the reason, if there's party food then they're there

Poor photography but great idea

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