Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Posthumous graduation

Today Ailish would have graduated from her elementary school program.  You know...if she wasn't dead and all.

The school so kindly included her in the video they put together along with offering me a special certificate.  Ailish loved attending school.  She would smile and giggle when going up the ramp of the school bus and enjoyed the love and attention of both the staff and students.  Even the kids with the most cognitive challenges would gravitate towards Ailish and would sit or lay with her.

I so appreciate the care and programming offered Ailish and the thoughtfulness of today.  Even at her funeral there was such a school presence and it meant an unbelievable amount.

Would it be out of line to put a graduation hat on the urn and take 'grad' pictures?  I mean really, if you can't dress your deceased child's urn up in costume for special events where's the fun?  Right?

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