Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bereaved Mother's Day Oy Vey! It's worth repeating from last year

 Today I have learned is Bereaved Mother's Day.  S'rsly?!  Bereaved Mother's Day.  Are there cards for this day?  Are people supposed to be sending me flowers?  If people don't know me or others who have lost a child are we to wear name tags or are our darkened eyes, slumped shoulders and shuffling gait enough to identify us as bereaved mothers?

I did not cease to be Ailish's mother the second she passed, the moment after cremation or at any time in the future.  I do not need a special day to recognize that I lived in the presence of greatness for eleven years.  Had Ailish been an only or the one of thirteen that she was I am and will forever be her mother.  Please PLEASE remember my child and what she meant to her family and always know that I never stop grieving for her but in case anyone should want to wish me a Happy Dead Kid's Mother's Day...I'm good.

That being said I never pass up the opportunity for brunch or dinner out so if anyone should happen to know of a dead kid's Mother's Day Brunch....I'm there.

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The Kings said...

Love you Tricia. You make me laugh every day. I'll never forget Ailish and you don't need a day to remember that you are always her Mum. xxx