Thursday, May 2, 2013

Run out of words

There are potentially big budget cuts coming down from the provincial government that could be of huge detriment to adults with disabilities which has lead me to letter writing, attending meetings and press conferences.  Don't I sound all like I'm all that?  I go to be a warm body in the room to ensure that the politicians in charge see that though the constituents with disabilities might be a minority and seen as a burden that those that love and support them are mighty and a force to be reckoned with.  It is wonderful as well to see some with cognitive disabilities stand up for themselves and tell the government that they are wrong.

If you want to see an entire banquet room with standing room only start crying you hand the microphone to someone whose funding is at risk of disappearing and have her through her tears and disjointed speech attempt to convey her fears of losing the quality of life she is accustomed to and the people that support her. Oy vey!  Tough stuff to be sure.

At any rate as I attempt to do my little part to advocate I have run out of words to use but I will leave you with this.....
 Couldn't you just eat them both up?

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