Thursday, May 23, 2013

You wouldn't think it possible...

Now I could be wrong but it's not bad when you get called by your most adored little grade oner's school only to be put on speaker phone to discuss a meeting time re behaviours, noncompliance and such right?  I mean look at the child!  Does she look like she could hurl a book at a teacher's head or curse like a sailor?!  I didn't think so either.  Oy!

She breaks my heart, this little darling.  Not so much that she is not held accountable and taken to task for inappropriate actions but it hurts me that in entering school she is on a frustrating path.  As much as she needs to be accountable and atone for misdeads however it is not all her fault.  The brain is a magical, mystical organ so much so that there are no great explanations as to how some can be university educated living with half a brain (I'm not actually referring to the professionals we have all met that only act like they are half brained but really ARE missing half their brain), and yet some can be  profoundly affected with what looks like a whole undamaged brain.

No mother wants to see their child struggle nor do you want others around your child to suffer because of them.  She has so much potential this little one.  She is kind, generous, empathetic and hilariously funny.  She is bright, observant and wants to take that big bite out of life that not everyone does.

The trick and the challenge will be harnessing all that she has and is to move forward in the direction that finds her success.

I love her more than it would seem humanly possible.

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