Saturday, May 25, 2013

Special Day

Friday I declared a special day with Mommy day for the six year old.  Now you might think what? A day off school?  Wouldn't that reinforce the negative behaviour happening in the classroom?  What the heck sort of crazy parenting you doing in that house Lady?  Here is what I say in my defense....Friday's are almost a half day and most importantly the child in no way sees no relationship between my talking to her about her school issues and her special day.  So there.

We went to the mall to upgrade the child's footwear as she was in need.  She's a shopper my dolly.  All was not lost educationally.  It was sort of like homeschooling only at the mall.
there was physical education with running


and running some more

there was lunch break of course

and science

the haul (yes that is a new doll)  Please allow me to introduce you to SweetPea

"I loved our special day.  Can we do it again next Friday?"  I'm thinking I can't afford  another  'Special Day'

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