Monday, May 6, 2013


This my friends is what brilliance looks like.  It is has always been said that children with disabilities will max out their developmental progression at about age ten.  I have seen this to be true in our family for some but for Phoenix and a couple of the others skills keep coming.

Today Phoenix came to me took my hand and brought me to her room.  She then bent us both down placing  my hand on her beloved Fisher Price dog that was hung up on her bed making it impossible for her to pick it up.  This is incredible!  So much had to go into Phoenix being able to do this.
She had to realize there was a problem
  She had to know she could help
She had to know and locate who was best able to help her
She had to communicate that she needed help and get the helper to the scene of the problem and then identify the problem.

Yes I realize the child is 19.  
Yes I realize this is the developmental skill of a young toddler
What I also know is that by continuing to develop communication and problem solving skills such as these increases the quality of life and relationships she has.

Skills of requesting preferred items and food and drink have been coming over the last year and she has been dragging....taking us around the house for awhile sometimes just because we all will go with her but today seemed just a bit more special.

Course then she went and ate dog food.

But still.....

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