Tuesday, May 1, 2012

all I'm asking

The older I get the more frustrated I become with things that don't make sense.  My impatience for things that take up my time that are unnecessary in my life is at an all time high.  I don't ever use the size of my family as an excuse for my failures or inadequacies because most times it wouldn't matter if I had one other child or another ten (your mouth to God's ear!) and I will do whatever I can to do as I'm asked, contribute to those around me or lend a helping hand when I see one needed.  That being said I get really peeved when I am asked to do things that don't make sense, have little value in my life and only serve to meet a generalized bureaucratic requirement.  This takes time away from my family, money out of my pocket and leaves me and my family no further ahead.  

I just wish that when making requests of my time when y'all know I'm busy that it would make sense.  So much in this life time does not make sense and when we have the capacity to assert control please folks...don't be stupid!  Use your control for good....not for purposes making my head explode.

If I teach you nothing I must make this abundantly clear...it's all about me!  Before making plans, rules, regulations, requirements....think of me first and what meets my needs.  That's all I'm asking.

It is really  ALL. ABOUT. ME

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