Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let's go all ready!

Loads and loads to say.  Loads and loads of laundry to do.  All exhausting.  I am currently awaiting a call from the resident who is holding Journey hostage at the hospital.  I have not been at the hospital every hour of every day this time which is both good and bad.  The child is fifteen and has certainly had time away from home before and is doing quite well.  Short of overnight not including surgery day I have been there more than not but you know when you are not there is when the doctors will come by.   I know it is all part of the process of becoming a doctor and I respect it and am respectful of it but being on the receiving end of the ever changing rotation gets irritating.  Maybe it's me that is the problem but I will never admit to it...

Journey is ready for discharge.  I am ready for her to be discharged.  The whole family is ready to resume what is a normal state of affairs for us.  All the people that I have called on to help during this time are MORE than ready not to receive my mayday texts.  The current issue is clearing the child for skills she does not need to have i.e. stairs with crutches....we have no stairs that she will have to maneuver....using crutches....the kid has poor balance and coordination for everything but walking.  How do you think we got into this mess?  Whatever in the brain (cerebellum I think) that handles those skills is definitely not working as it should.  Bike riding is a challenge.  She aint going to be doing crutches any differently than a walker which is doing find on.  Because I was not there at the time of rounds I missed out on saying all these things.

Let's go all ready!  

For some reason the resident is not calling me back....

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