Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Shocker?

There's a bus driver for some of the kids that we see every day that Malia has taken a shine to and something he reciprocates.  She likes him because he lets her on the bus while I take her sisters' seat belts off and most recently lets her beep the horn.  Who wouldn't like him just for that alone!  The fellow is getting braver at asking me questions about the family as his curiosity is getting the better of him.  Today he asked what is going on with Malia's left leg.  I told him she has cerebral palsy down her left side.  He then asked about her eyes.  Being no dummy he has noticed she needs to be on top of some things to see them.  I told him she is legally blind.

"I"M LEGALLY WHAT?!" she yells incredulously

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