Tuesday, May 22, 2012

best laid plans

Well today was to be surgery day.  The plan was to remove the tibial nail that was inserted last August as the leg has some sort of fluid running through it that looks suspiciously like pus yet it grows nothing.  They are going to remove the existing nail and replace it with a new one  or an antibiotic nail with the potential for long term iv antibiotic treatment.

Journey was red listed which means she goes into surgery when there is time for her.  We were expecting the end of the day but we had to be there at eight am in case there was a cancellation.  There was not.  We are also depending on a surgeon from another hospital down the road to come and assist as he has some expertise with this type of problem.  He is a trauma surgeon.  This the Tuesday after a long weekend.  You do the math.  The poor guy was dealing with sixteen trauma patients so that meant no time to hippityhop down the road to the children's hospital to do extras.

We got sent home about 12:45 and are to return tomorrow at eight am again in hopes of being done about two o'clock.

I am crazed with trying to organize child care for this shindig as are the people that I keep hounding to help me.  It is no ones concern but mine regarding the number of children I have but even if I were single with say two other kids this would be stupid to plan for.

These then are my sage words of advice in parenting....if your child is going to have unexpected surgery you should try and have them hold off until all necessary details are taken care of.

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