Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gala Princess

A little young to find her Knight in Shining Armor
(I gave him my number and told him to call me)
Tonight Malia and I attended the Cerebral Palsy Association of Alberta's annual gala.  Malia was in attendance for cute factor and pint size ambassador for kids with cerebral palsy with the thought that who couldn't empty their wallet when such adorability was present.  The child had me worried today and pretty much every day since the idea was posed to bring her to gala.  Malia can be...shall we say...unpredictable and explosive.  She is either going to charm or she is going to crash and burn taking names and numbers with her.  Malia was F.O.U.L today.  Tonight had the potential to be miserable but fortunately Malia rose to the occasion and everyone was her friend.

not really sleeping but thinking she really should have had that nap this afternoon

When asked about how much money we should ask folks for and what the organization would do with it Malia's reply was "600$ so that I can buy a Blackberry Torch like my sisters

It was a Medieval theme

Star in the making

 The evening ended a bit on a sour note for the girl when in her exhaustion she stumbled and hit her throat area on the edge of a table.  This put her into mild hysterics with coughing, gagging and cries that she was going to throw up.  As we walked past the casino in the venue it continued with her promise that she was going to throw up and she was going to be sick all tomorrow morning.  As I am a sympathetic mother I calmly explained that is how many people feel when leaving a casino...

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