Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feel it

No real words to post except to offer the suggestion of taking a moment to feel what she is feeling.  See the joy in her eyes.  Feel the exhilaration she is feeling at that moment.  Hear the laughter that not only comes in the form of the melodious sound of her voice but emanates from her soul.

Some would say her life held no value.  Some would say that though she rarely had a sick day that her life was torturous and that her death was a 'blessing' and that now she is 'free'.  Free from what I ask?  If  she was made perfect and in God's image why would she need to be freed?  Obviously she had profound limitations.  Her life held a different quality.  At no point in her life did she suffer.  She was surrounded by love always.  Her every need was tended to.  She was revered by all who knew her.  She was innocent of any and all negativity the world has to offer.  Her heart was pure.

Feel it.

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