Monday, July 2, 2012

How many lifeguards does it take to....

We answered the question yesterday as to how many lifeguards do they think it takes to watch the Wheatley's in a public pool.  There was one other small family and a lane swimmer but it was all hands on deck for us.  I have seen three at the pool before on a hot summer day when it is packed with swimmers.  As I was on deck 'guarding' as well I overheard one guy say to his partner "I'm thinking it's not a matter of IF something will happen but WHEN.".

I am happy to say that no swimmers or lifeguards were harmed in the filming of our day.  This time.

Three lifeguards on deck and me

not a fan of water but is a trooper

would go no deeper.  Perhaps she questioned the skills of  the team of lifeguards

Can't get enough of swimming.

Loves loves the water

clouds or no clouds swimming is fun

sometimes teenage sisters CAN be fun

Swimming....NO THANK YOU!
"Could you turn up the heat a smudge?"

What the skies looked like most of the time

With lovely breaks for this sky

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to take me and my kids as well! We will have to come next time!