Monday, July 9, 2012

Miracle Moment!

So I have figured out how to get through a shopping trip with zero tantrums and a certain degree of cooperation!  This is BIG folks!  B.I.G.  All I have to do is go to the toy store,  buy her something she wants and she will follow me anywhere as long as when we get there she can sit and play with it.  This is outstanding!  Now I'm thinking that it might not be a cost effective way of shopping but really....there's no guarantees she's going to go to university and if her mri's are any spend the money now I say!  My sanity has to be worth something!  What are student loans for anyways?

The magical purchase was her very own baby!  We have others but this one is NEW making it all the rage.  No word of a lie she has not put this doll down with exception for a dip in the splash pool.

When we walked into Toys r Us where I had no idea I would be walking out with a miracle, Malia asks "Can we go into the baby section and buy stuff we're going to need for the two babies we're going to be having?"  S'rsly!  Who has she been talking to that has promised her two new siblings and why are they not letting me in on it?!  I have been waiting for three years for someone to tell me something like that.  I guess I will just have to hang my hat on the information Malia is being fed.  Geesh I better get this place organized if we're having babies!

The weight of the world on her shoulders

A Mother's Love

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This motherhood gig is t.i.r.i.n.g

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The Kings said...

Beautiful! Hope you get that baby :)