Friday, July 27, 2012

Lizard update

Update on the feeding of Nib the borrowed lizard.  I was successful in feeding the appropriate number of crickets to its sorry scaly self.  Turns out her starvation diet of only taking three did not agree with her.  She was in fact very close to lunging at my hand when I lost control of the cricket and had to chase it with my spoon of death in the tank.  My trick I hate to admit was whacking the cricket just so it was stunned enough so I could control it with the spoon and the icky reptile could get it.  Actually she was hungry enough that she nabbed a couple off the floor in their concussed state.

The teen that offered summer refuge to the creature arrives home tomorrow from sailing camp.  The lizard is alive as are the hermit crabs I was also left to tend to.  No I did not speak lovingly to them as was instructed to ensure their mental health.  I didn't do that when she broke her leg last year either and had no access to her room where they live and three out of seven survived....  I count it as a success as not all died.

Hey, I've kept 12 out of 13 kids alive so my odds are better where it counts...

The bad thing is my reptile, crab caring skills such as they are will have to be put to use again at the end of August when the teen goes away again.  The creatures would appreciate all your prayers.

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