Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pearly whites

  Little H man got his teeth cleaned the other day.  Though he has had it done many times that day was not his favourite.  Obviously he has a preference for his dentist to the hygienist.  She was not that confident in working on him so perhaps he picked up on that and got squirmier and fussier.  Normally he doesn't cry in getting his teeth done.  For some reason he gets black staining on his teeth giving him the appearance of huge decay.  He is solely tube fed which I'm sure has something to do with it and he has atropine drops to control secretions but no answers really as to the why the black.  Ailish had yellowish calcium deposits on her teeth that she would have blasted off every three months.  

Concerned dental assistant
We have a great pediodontist.  I have been seeing him for decades with the kids and he even continues to see my adult kids.  He is skilled at being able to do a lot of things in office where others less experienced will take the kids to the surgical suite.  We do that too but because of this fellow have avoided it on a number of occasions.  I am worried however as the dentist is talking more and more about retirement.  I'm hoping that when the day comes and he really wants to be done that he will at least keep some time to just look after us.  I don't think I'm being unreasonable when we have probably paid for his home and perhaps two vacation homes to boot!  So really...he owes me....

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