Sunday, July 29, 2012

How I was nearly killed at Sesame Street and how I need an iPhone

Today I took three of the darlings to see Sesame Street Live, Elmo makes music.  It was a good time probably more so if you are really a Sesame Street fan. 
Has his camera ready smile on as we wait for the show to start

Can hardly wait

Not entirely sure what is going to happen

"This is great"

Hallelujah!  They're playing my song!

BERT!  Hey Bert!

Balloon bouquet from hell!  They bring this monstrosity into the auditorium in intermission  and the only way your kid is going to miss it is if they are blind.  You have never seen ten dollar bills come out of people's pockets so fast.  Phoenix thought she would die...just D.I.E if she did not have one of these balloons (or someone else would as she was prepared to scale any seats or people that stood in her path of getting the coveted Elmo balloon).

We had great seats and what made it better is that there was no one sitting in front of us.

Proud owner of a program

"Do the Hustle!"

So how is it you might ask how I was nearly killed at the show?  At the end of the show they shot out streamers from what seemed from the sound and force, a canon.  It was really cool and pretty and then from out of no where I was hit!  Mama down!  Mama down!  Ok so maybe that is a tad dramatic but one streamer bullet did hit me in the neck and it nearly went straight through me!  Ok, it stung a bit.  But still.

Now what about getting an iPhone.  Look at my pictures taken with the blackberry.  Need I say more?
I am taking pictures all the time when we are out and I dont want to always be carrying my big Canon and plus I like being able to post the adorability of my children immediately onto Facebook etc.  I feel the time is looming near that the change must be made.  You did it to yourself my beloved blackberry.


Paula J said...

Love following your adventures! Hope your neck is feeling better, never knew those shots could hit people before bursting! I just ditched the BB for an Iphone last month, and it was the best decision I could have made! The 4S takes BEAUTIFUL pics and video if you are so inclined! Look forward to seeing some clear photos next time!

The Kings said...

lol!! This is a hilarious post. Definitely invest in the iPhone - you will LOVE it :)