Saturday, July 7, 2012

pick your own

Once again I say photos taken with a blackberry are not great

Taking my kids through the produce section of any grocery store is a bit of an adventure.  Well any section of any store who am I trying to kid.  They seem to think that they are in a pick your own orchard where it is less a problem when the produce hits the ground and where things don't go rolling two rows down when they do.  These aisles require a discerning eye and quick hands and feet.  (oh and if you think it is blog worthy some fast, hopefully discrete picturing taking).

You would think the kid with the quickest and fullest hands would be the biggest fruit and vegetable lover.  You would be wrong.  The closest she will come to a blatantly displayed fresh vegetable is a raw (yes raw) potato which she will much on happily.  She may however give the appearance of a raw carrot eater by licking off dip.  Total facade.

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