Monday, July 30, 2012

You're not wearing a bra.....!!!!!

 Isn't she sweet?
 Oh my goodness so adorable!
Couldn't you just eat her up?

There is NO WAY this child while we rode the steam engine nearly liberated parts of me from my top and shouted so loud that only those riding the ferrie in the middle of the reservoir couldn't hear her "YOU"RE NOT WEARING A BRAAAAAAA!!!!"  Now it is possible that only half the train car heard her as I was able to muffle some of her exclamation with my hand....three times as she tried to finish her full sentence but I think most got the drift.  Even though there was only four of us there today as others had day camps etc we are still a bit of a curiosity so eyes are generally drawn anyways.

I would like to explain myself and not that I feel the need to defend my attire and my choice to wear or not wear particular undergarments but....ok I do...

What I was wearing was a top that has built in equipment and as it is a hot day it is sleeveless and has a lower neck line.  Trust me there ain't no one on the planet including myself that needs to see any lady bits of mine unleashed.  Obviously it was a horrifying thought the child as well.

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Rachel K said...

How embarrassing. Luckily she is so cute. I just love reading your blog.