Monday, July 16, 2012

Swim lesson day one. OY!

Private swim lessons day one.  Because of Malia's vision issues and ease of distractibility along with some lack of compliance I decided private lessons were the way to go.  She loves the pool and is very confidant in the water but unfortunately she has once again become VERY oppositional.  Malia is going through some developmental changes that accelerated in June and though they wouldn't necessarily be uncommon in someone with her neurological makeup and don't always require treatment  I think the extreme behaviour might be linked.  This is what my "medical degree" from an online "university" is leading me to believe anyways.

Malia started saying last night that she didn't want to go to the pool that she needed to stay home etc etc.  She woke up in the morning saying the same thing.  I knew we might be in for some interesting times.

For the most part Malia was cooperative to the best of her abilities but got more and more obstinate as the lesson went on.  It was only for thirty minutes so everyone came out the pool alive and with little angry words emanating from the child's mouth.  SCORE!

As you can see from the empty pool this is why our outdoor pools are always at risk of shutting down.  Back when some of my bigger kids were small I took them there for lessons and there were three or four classes in at once.  Today there was one boy before us getting his private lesson and one boy after.

Lounging before her lesson

Before the lesson can begin the child must first chat.  And chat. And chat some more

"And that's my mom. And there's my brother his name is H... And that's my sister Journey, say hi to her
Even though it was overcast the temperature in and out of the pool was tolerable however into the third lesson I think the instructor was hypothermic.

We shall see what tomorrow brings....

I can only imagine.  Well I can actually make an educated guess however let's all think positive shall we?

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