Saturday, April 21, 2012

Aggie Days

For two days I have tried to get the two little kids to Aggie days primarily for Malia so she could get up close and personal with farm animals where her lack of vision would be compensated a bit by her ability to touch, feel, see at her level.  It's a great program that is put on usually in March that also used to coincide with a big rodeo.  I'm a bit out of the loop these past years as none of my kids have gone on what used to be an annual field trip for their schools for some time.  I know many changes have been made to the program but what remains true is that it is a multi sensory experience for kids and adults who might otherwise know very little about farming, livestock, food origins etc.

Though I had the best of intentions of getting the two there it seemed each day I fielded calls from schools that resulted in unexpected doctor appointments, X-rays etc.  In being a believer that everything happens for a reason I am left with the obvious conclusion that had we made it to Aggie Days Malia would surely have been attacked by a rabid rabbit or pecked to death by a pestered chicken etc.  I mean...what other explanation could there be?

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