Saturday, April 28, 2012

Blackberry photo moments with Malia

I uploaded the pictures off my blackberry.  These are moments of Malia.  The quality makes me think that an iPhone might be in order.
When trying on bathing suits make sure you bring enough in to keep the child amused

Sunglasses are a necessity to use as a disguise after  a morning of tantrums

I actually don't know what to say here

she wasn't really sleeping but protesting

"You can't find me!"

                                                          Acting out a story


One of my favourites

Busker in the making

hoping for rain so she can use her new umbrella 

sleep inducing popcorn



and there's three

nice outfit 

great hat

hard working woman

environmentally conscious

does the work around here ever end?

courageous or foolish?

dental hygiene is important!

I'm beautiful!

doesn't everyone do yard work dressed like this?

safety is important

always the best dressed in the room

good big sister educating the boy on the benefits of  iPods

sympathetically unwell

newly pierced ear invention EVAH!

independent shopper

sound sensitive helper

it's NOT the happiest place on earth! Disney face


Gail said...

Best pictures EVA!!!

Hyper Aspie said...

I am such a big Malia fan!!!!!!!!