Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No respect

Back story....my teens ride Access which is transportation for riders with special needs.  It can be a great service or one that will drive a sane person to pop anti anxieties like they were candy.  Journey has  joined the track team in the field division and needs to attend practice twice a week.  This means she needs alternate transportation as Access Calgary can't find her a bus or taxi in the city that could possibly pick her up an hour after her regularly scheduled trip.  Don't get me started....

Alyssia still rides the bus home as does one or two other students from their school so the bus will still be at the school.  Once you cancel a trip it is usually very difficult to get it back should you need it as they plug someone else in your spot.  Today Journey is feeling under the weather and unable to participate in practice so she texts me:

Her:  "Is there any way I can get on the bus this afternoon?" (this of course being 20 minutes before the bus is to come)

Me:  "I will check"

Me after I work my magic with Access:  "Yes you can go on the bus"  "I. AM. GREAT!!"

Her:  "thank you"

Me:  "You must tell me I am great and bow down to my greatness"

Her:  "lol ya that's not happening"

I really can't figure out why I get so little respect....

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