Monday, April 9, 2012

"I will not....!"

I WILL NOT wear those ridiculous rabbit ears!  It is absurd to think that a dog of my stature should have to endure such indignity!
You might be able to get your kids to wear such an atrocity but I am NOT. I repeat NOT one of your children!  I am THE. DOG.  I poop where I want and YOU Madam...clean it up.  I eat what I want which includes such delicacies as underwear, socks, diapers all preferably dirty.
Might I remind you as well that I protect you and your children from all manner of dangers.  Who knows what lurks in the shadows that only I can see and sound the alarm for you of my vicious bark and body slamming of the window.  You just don't KNOW how many times I have saved your sorry be.....umm lives.

What is the thanks I get?!  You attempt to decorate me like some Christmas tree or worse yet overindulged, pampered puss of a pup!
I object Madam!  I object!

"I will tear them to bits!"
"You can't make me wear them!"

"I will NOT wear the rabbit ears!"

"Ahh hell, take your dang picture!"