Sunday, April 29, 2012

always and forever

As time goes by I feel so far away from you.  It is almost as if you were a dream.  Were you ever really here or were you an angelic figment of my imagination?  It doesn't take much to remember the tiniest detail about you and I can still feel your skin and smell your smell things that were part of the essence of you.  It is not being able to feel your physical presence in the house, in the bus etc.  As it makes sense to do some of your belongings are no longer where they were.  Just as I had feared removing them removed the space you occupied making you that much more gone.  You are spoken of daily and not in sadness but with happy memories of you.  You in no way have been forgotten it is just my reality of having you physically in it is gone and though I have hundreds of photos to prove you existed it sometimes doesn't feel real.  Time can be cruel.  The more it marches on the further I am from the last time I held you, the last time you laughed at me, the last time I had to do anything for you.

Missing you always and forever.

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