Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature

I know that it's 'spring' and I use that term loosely and that in our neck of the woods you have an interesting way of doing things.  You get your kicks by giving us semi short weather, ten to fifteen cm of snow, then some rain, back to sun, then snow, then rain, switching the order up now and again etc etc.  Now I understand that you need to have a laugh every now and again and I'm all for jocularity but when it comes to messing with my kid's head I have to put my foot down.

Donovan has autism and a developmental delay both that stem from Fetal Valproate Syndrome.  Luckily enough for him many of the characteristics of his autism work for him and are quite useful, if used in moderation.  Donovan likes order.  He enjoys the predictability of a day well planned and finds security in organization.  Why the poor boy was given to me I have no idea, God having a laugh on Donovan I suspect but I digress.

Every morning Donovan organizes everybody's belongings that they will need upon departure to school.  He brings me the bags to pack.  He puts everyone's shoes in a particular spot so they might find them easily and sometimes even their outerwear.  This makes Donovan happy and also darn handy for the rest of us too.  Win win.

Donovan's latest is to watch the weather outside and try and determine if we are to be wearing boots and winter coats or shoes and lighter jackets.  Here is where we have a problem Mother Nature.  In your weather chain yanking you are driving my poor boy mental!  One minute it's snowing and covering the yard and street so obviously his family will need their boots so into the closet Donovan goes to pull all of them out.  By days end or the following morning there's not a flake to be found and the sun is shining.  Back into the closet the boy goes.  Mother!  You're working my boy to the bone!  Haven't you had your fill of fun at the poor guy's expense?  S'rsly!

I really don't want to move so please....have a heart.  Pick a weather condition and stick with it for a bit (oh but please don't pick rain.  I hate rain.  I become slightly suicidal with rain.  The dog requires an escort  to do her bizness, especially in the rain. Thanks in advance)

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