Friday, April 6, 2012

University here we come?

Malia has an iPod and she desperately wants to be texting and face timing people.  She has a couple of contacts on her iPod and sometimes she is successful in sending folks a picture of her foot etc.  This morning she was telling me she was sending Logan an email (she has no email).  I said who is Logan.  I don't know she says.  I look at her iPod to see that Logan is actually "Log In". This kid kills me!  She is missing tons of her brain yet at five with no one teaching her short of educational tv and she is reading!  She can read my call display on the phone etc.  I'm really scared....what will university cost in thirteen years?!

loves photography
and her foot as we have many many pictures of her feet!

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The Kings said...

So funny...and smart! :)