Sunday, April 29, 2012

not just a dentist

Not just a pediodontist is our dentist!  Phoenix had to get some dental work under a general anesthetic last week.  I have had my kids going to him now for decades...yes I said decades.  He continues to see his adult patients with disabilities which is really quite fantastic. What brings me to my little story is that Phoenix has had chin hairs growing for some time.  Lucky she is blonde so they are fair in colour but they really are noticeable.  I have tried plucking them for her but after one pluck Phoenix decided she liked that as much as a cat likes a bath.  I have tried the hair removal creams which has not been successful.  When we got into the surgical suite and after Phoenix was asleep I jokingly said to the folks in the room.  While she's asleep pluck out those chin hairs why don't you.  They are all like "what?"  I said the poor girl is growing a beard and I can't get rid of it so someone help a girl out.  I was joking.  Funny enough the first thing said to me when they came to talk to me about X-rays and what I wanted done was that the dentist had fixed the beard situation!  The dental assistant was shocked herself that the dentist did it.  She said she had the same problem and her kids called them goat hairs.  She thought it was a job for a woman but before she had a chance the dentist had done the job.  He was very proud of himself.  I heard more about the beard plucking than I did her teeth!  We are grateful on both counts.  I told him since he is looking at retirement from dentistry he could open up shop as an aesthetician.  A productive day really...teeth and facial hair dealt with, potential future career for the man's golden years and I myself have entered the field of career counselling!

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