Saturday, February 11, 2012

the baby story

I got the medical reports on little Joseph and Ester.  Obviously Joseph is in dire need of surgery immediately.  His untreated hydrocephaly has now caused him to be blind similarly to my Malia who came to her vision impairment from her hydrocephaly.  The fluid etc compresses the optic nerve thereby damaging it and once the nerve is damaged there is no repairing it.  Joseph is seven and a half months old and Ester is eight and a half months.

The organization trying to help them looks for host families who will also hopefully adopt.  They however are American.  They have never done a host home in Canada before but they don't see why it couldn't be done.  I am to take their pictures and reports to the physicians that could potentially help them and advocate to secure medical care for them.  I know that our hospital here has done some charitable treatment but I have little to know the who what when where and how to go about all of this.

With Ailish dying the way she did and with the investigations and reviews that went into all of that I was introduced to people who could make decisions regarding requests that I am about to make.  Maybe something good could come from her passing....

Tomorrow I will hopefully receive information on who can be a host home etc and see if I even fit the criteria before I go knocking on any doors.


Anonymous said...

All the very best of luck to you.
From A in Tas

Anonymous said...

This would be incredible! I hope this works out for you!!

Tricia said...

Thanks! Quite the long shot and hard to even get a lot of information on the process but as a very smart woman have to keep opening the doors until someone closes them