Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma of disabled toddler at the mall

You are way way way too young to be so unevolved (if it is not a word it is now!) to be questioning front of my children.  I get that you are new to the world of people with disabilities and I will comp you a few questions such as "are you their caregiver?" and " she (indicating Malia) is your grandchild?"  I understand those.  I will even forgive asking about my kids' disabilities knowing that we are your ambassador to the world you and your family have been thrust into.  Where I draw the line however is when you..again in front of the three with me exclaim "well they can't be your REAL CHILDREN".  Strike one lady. "Yes they definitely are my real children though I did not give birth to them.  I adopted".  "You ADOPTED?!  You must really have a big heart, blah blah blah".  "But THEY"RE NOT  REALLY YOUR CHILDREN!"  Strike two.  "Yes they are really my real children I just did not give birth to them." "You adopted!  You must really have a big heart..." Strike three, not because of the last repeated comment but more because your ignorance is beginning to pick my piles.

Just as I did not stoop to the level of spanking the tar out of my five year old whose disobedience and attitude disability not withstanding would have had my head rolling down the mall as a child I did not take you by the shoulders and shake the sh@# out of you all the while yelling at you to get a friggin clue.

Unfortunately if the parent of beautiful little Rose that you raised is as dense as you that poor baby has bigger issues than the rearranged chromosomes that created her.

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