Thursday, February 9, 2012

Four a.m. phone calls

Setting the scene:  it's 4:00 (in the God forsaken A.M!) and there are three of us in my bed none of whom are there by my choosing.  It's me, Malia and then Journey.  I wake up to "Journey! Answer your phone! Your phone is ringing!  Answer it!"  Sure enough Journey's phone is ringing in some silly ringtone however that I think only small children and dogs can hear.  Lord knows its owner never hears it at least when I ring it...  I digress.  So Journey's cell phone is ringing and who do you think might be calling.  Well it is Malia who has my cell phone in her hand!  She has dialled her sister who is not even inches away from her.  "What are you doing?" I query.  "I'm calling Journey.  I have to tell her something on her phone"

I couldn't make this stuff up...

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