Thursday, February 16, 2012

good news bad news

Good news bad news type of day

Good news...George Clooney is open to marriage
Bad news...he's made no attempt to contact me

Good news...after three trips to the passport office 11 of the 12 of us officially have our applications now being processed.
Bad news...because I do not yet have private guardianship f the littlest man I need signatures etc from his social service peeps who all went on holidays right after they told me they would get me what I needed...and then didn't.

Bad news....I didn't get supper on the table until 7:00
Good news...I got supper on the table

Good online shopping order arrived a day early
Bad news...Jennifer's  online shopping order arrived the same day from the same store where she paid zero shipping, ordered the same day and I paid extra to ensure a quick delivery

Good news....Lands End had bathing suits on sale online for my grown girls for $8.00
Bad news....who am I kidding....there's no bad news after that!

Good everything accomplished today in all of our errands
Bad news...again....what's bad about that?

I guess all in all a great day....

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