Thursday, February 9, 2012

opportunity knocking?

It is no secret that I want to adopt a new baby again.  I have wanted to with certainty for the last two and a half years.  It is a hard road to hoe for large families in this country to adopt.  Throw special needs in there and a single parent well that stacks the deck against  us further.  I must rely on private agencies having a baby they have no registered resources for due to the nature or severity of the special needs involved.  There are only three agencies in the province and all of them are aware of us.  We came close last year with a call about a newborn baby girl with down syndrome but in the end the parents decided not to place.  I am forever trying to figure out ways of increasing our chances but really there is nothing I can do.  It becomes frustrating at times when I see situations in the US come available that we would be a good match for but of course that means an international adoption and all that that entails.  Huge undertaking.

Tonight I'm surfing around the net and I see two most perfect babies in Africa both requiring surgery as soon as possible so looking for host families who would also hopefully adopt them.  Without word of a lie my heart skipped at least ten beats and not only did I want one but both of them!  Not a shock to anyone I'm sure...  I have left a comment with the organization that has posted their information as to who they are looking to host with i.e. must it be country specific as I assume they are American and what all does the process etc entail.  Then I think there is the securing of medical care most specifically a neurosurgeon.  We have one of those but I don't know who incurs the cost of treatment etc.

I sure hope someone responds back.  It's a long shot but I'm all about throwing my hat in the ring.  You never know if its opportunity knocking on the door or someone just playing chicken.

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