Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

In talking with Alyssia about Valentines Day and how one of her young friends was very negative about the day as she did not have a boyfriend etc etc I said something along the lines that it really was just a day like any other.  We talked about how some days get a whole lot of pressure put on them and that the pressure comes more from commercialism than any real underlying meaning.  What ends up happening is pressure is put on people to conform and participate in what the industry has concocted to be representative of the day leaving some folks feeling sad or even less than.  I said look at me...I am old and not one Valentines Day in my life have I ever had a sweetheart and I'm none the worse for wear.  In spite of what I thought was an insight provoking conversation what  I got was "Oh Mom!  That's soooo saaaad!'  with her then wrapping her arms around me saying "you'll always be MY Valentine!"

My message might have been lost but her sweetness was received loud and clear.

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