Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Name change

I have changed the name of the blog.  I have never been one for originality and creativity is not my strong suit so when it came time to name a blog when I initiated it years ago to never touch it till now I was at a loss.  Until now.

When you become a parent to children with differences or become a member of the 'community' there is a poem that was written long before the internet.  It is "Welcome to Holland".  Essentially what the poem depicts is the planning of a trip to one place (Italy) only to be diverted elsewhere (Holland) never being able to get to the original destination.  It describes how Italy was researched and studied with travel maps and itineraries made and then to land in a place where they knew nothing about, had to start fresh in the foreign scary unknown.  Of course the parallel being drawn is how when families plan to have children they have a vision of what life will be like how they will raise their children the plans they will make for the future.  When a child with disabilities is born that vision, those ideas no longer apply.  Adaptations have to be made.  There is a completely different path to embark upon.

Anyways the poem is a great one and has stood the test of time.  It continues to touch new generations of families blessed by children with disabilities.  By choosing the blog name "Holland was always my destination"  I mean just that.  I have always known that being mother to children with disabilities was what I was put here to do.  It was what I wanted.  I had no idea as to how this was all going to happen but I just knew that it would.  I know 'Italy'.  It's a lovely place and in fact for some of mine I live there part time.  I like so much about the place.  Holland however is my home.  It's beauty outshines everywhere else.


Debra said...

Your blog really touched me as you and your compassion for children with disabilities always has. Thank you for sharing this I had never thought of that poem in this light. You are a truly remarkable woman.

Tricia said...

Thanks so much Debra!