Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Confused on the bloggy stuff

I am intrigued about so much of this blogging stuff but too lazy to find out how it all works.  Traffic sources are interesting.  Most of the readers to this blog come from Lisa (if I was talented I would have a lovely little linky thing but I again with the 'alas', I don't know how to do it.)  Being that most of you come from The Kings blog you all know who I mean when I say Lisa...

Today there was traffic from and also something that linked back to Paula Deen.  Must be my reference to my skillz at cooking Kraft Dinner in the middle of the week.

Audience of readers is also interesting.  I have hits from Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa and Germany to list just a few.  To all of you I say "haaaaaay!" in my kewlest teenage voice.

If you have popped by I hope you continue to find the reading to be entertaining if not informative. I apologize for depressing posts as I work through the emotions surrounding the loss of Ailish but perhaps those will prove to be useful to some as well. We are large (in numbers that is, I'm not just referring to the size of my behind), we are proud, loud and far more typical in how we live our lives than most think being there are so many special needs.  If we can help eliminate some stigma about people with disabilities along with educate others by giving a window into our lives then that is a bonus.  If we can teach other families who have been allowed the gift of entrance into the world of the differently abled that it is ok to laugh then double bonus.  You can laugh at your circumstances.  You can laugh at some of the idiosyncrasies that make up your daily lives and also the limitations.  It must all just come from a place of love.

So if you found us by accident...welcome.  If you have visited before and returned....thanks, I'm glad you're here.  If you have something nice to say or questions to ask I would love to hear them.


Gail Korn said...

Not here by accident... But inspired by this fabulous, open, raw, and loving blog. You are a great teacher , mother and friend.

Renee (& Brennan) said...

I don't have a blog, but I think you're a hoot. Well not only that, I do miss your Ailish too and think you have an awesome family; therefore, to me you are an awesome mom Tricia.

With your large family, the many challenges that you face, and being a single mom from the get go, your heart and your arms are still wide open to accept more precious children into the fold. In my book, that's amazing and I truly admire that, especially since I know I could never do it :)

Okay, that's all I'm going to say..don't wanna get all mushy and Carry on super mama! xx

Renee (and Brennan) said...

I posted something earlier but I have no idea where it went?! So I'm just as confused as you are about this bloggy stuff! response to your post: I don't have a blog, but I think you're a hoot :) and actually, I miss your your Ailish too. I also think you have an awesome family Patricia, which leads me to believe you're not only a great mom but a great person in general.

With your large family, the many challenges you sometimes have to face on a daily basis, and most of all being a single mom from the get go--you still manage to lovingly open your heart and your arms wide open--ready and willing to accept more precious children into the fold. Now that to me is truly amazing, especially since I know I wouldn't be able to do it :)

Ok, that's all I wanted to say.. don't wanna get all mushy and everything :) Carry on super mama because you rock my friend! xx

The Kings said...

Love Renee's comment :) To do a link just highlight the word you want to link, and then click on the link icon above (near the icon of how to add a pic in) and then copy and paste the URL into the box (you'll know what I mean when you click on the link box). Hope that makes some kind of sense.

I LOVE your blog :)

Anne said...

Tricia, I love reading your blog and following your posts on various, I'm not a stalker. lol

I see your family as simply amazing. I speak of your family within my own family and circle of friends. There are days when I ask myself, "How does Tricia do it?". I have 4 children and find it difficult to keep things afloat on some days.

The love you have for your children is very apparent in your writing. And, even though you have experienced something that no parent should ever have to witness, your loving heart is open to giving and receiving more love to a special someone who truly needs it.

You're definitely an inspiration to many of us.

Anne :)

Tricia said...

You guys are the best! Thanks for beings so supportive here, on Facebook and in real life. It means so much!