Saturday, February 18, 2012

Black and Baptist

I think I was meant to be born black and baptist.  I watched Whitney Houston's funeral today and I find those preachers speak to me.  It doesn't hurt that they are entertaining.  I have become opinionated about funerals since I had to plan one first hand and I will say as far as funerals go and though we would expect nothing less it was a great one.  I also like that it was a going home ceremony.  I should say I like it for her with her strong faith and unwavering belief in Heaven.  For me and how it pertains to Ailish when I continue to harbour anger and resentment about her death I wouldn't use it.  Perhaps after more healing has occurred (I know you're all thinking it's almost a year all ready, snap out of it!) I will use the phrase and with true belief that Ailish was called Home.  That is to be seen.  I shall definitely keep you all informed in this possible progression.

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