Thursday, March 22, 2012

First day

 Monday was our first full day here.  We started with a character breakfast at the Storybook Cafe.  These really are great.  They are a good opportunity to have a fair amount of time with various characters along with an endless amount of food.  The kids had a really good time.  We have been to Disney before with the last time being in 2002.  It was fun when we entered into a space that held memories of the last time we visited.  One of those spaces is a garden immediately outside the cafe.  I have a picture of my son Paul sitting in the grass holding Ailish.  As soon as I saw the garden that picture and what was going on at the time were crystal clear.

After breakfast we headed towards the parks.  The plan was to head for California Adventure Land.  We needed to exchange the travel vouchers for park tickets which I did not realize was a time consuming venture.  This is where the good times really began to roll...well something rolled....out of someone's pants....and that someone doesn't generally have things roll out his pants thus wanted those pants off....then and there.  This lead to a decision to split ranks.  Super Helper Sue would take Journey, Alyssia, Donovan and Phoenix into Adventure Land and I would go back with the rest.  Malia was not an option to go with them as 'Princess' and 'well behaved' were not words that could be used to describe her.

 So here we go walking Downtown Disney towards the hotel.  We're doing well, everyone is walking sort of together.  Colleen is doing her regular zig zagging behind us for which I am grateful so that she potentially could block any view of what was becoming an obvious situation for the biggest.  Half way back Hibo goes down in one of her slow motion drop seizures. Onto her face.  When I say slow motion it really is.  Given any other situation she is able to be caught before she hits the ground even from half a room away.  This time however I was not able to leap over everyone and reach her.  She now looks like she lost a prize fight poor girl.  Hibo was able to get up and carry on walking with little trouble thank goodness so we were able to get back to the room.   I got everyone cleaned up which was a bigger job than first expected as more than just one committed an indiscretion and then decided that taking them back to the park and trying to meet up with the others would be disastrous especially due to the pervasive misery emanating from the majority I had with me.  I thought a better idea would be to go poolside.  Malia had been asking to swim since we arrived and the kids love the pool for the most part.  Hibo had another seizure in the room so I thought it best that she stay out and enjoy the gloriously warm sun as I thought it would be too dangerous to have her in the pool.  Jordan and Husky  are very particular about their swimming water temperature and there was no way they would be going in, Amanda hates the water so it was Colleen, Samantha, Malia and me in the pool.

We were set up so that the non swimmers were on lounge chairs with drinks, Samantha was on the entrance stairs, Colleen was wherever I was and Malia was having me send her up and down the kiddie slide.  It was all good fun, until that is Samantha had a seizure.  I was able to catch her with no underwater diving required so that was good news.  Swimming over for Sam she became the next sunbather and Malia and Colleen continued their fun in the pool until we packed up and went back upstairs.

All in all it was a very eventful day which also included a face plant seizure later on from Sam but good on her she did not injure herself.  No blood is always good.

The end result for the others is that they had an amazing time at California Adventure Land and we learned that Phoenix by far was here to experience everything she could and wanted to be left out of nothing.  She is having an amazing time.  Journey and Alyssia too.

It was definitely not the first day I hoped for but with us being this many and some of the needs so high anything and everything is up for grabs.  I was hopeful things would improve.


The Kings said...

oh boy!!! You had me cracking up laughing and feeling sad at the same time that things didn't turn out as planned. You are incredible Tricia. Hope tomorrow is a great day for you all, and you all get to do what you hope, with nothing coming out of pants and no seizures!

Naomi Ellis said...

Oh my goodness! I am a friend of Lisa's and I am speechless as to how you get through each day. I am in absolute awe of you! I too laughed and then cried over your post. What an incredible and inspiring woman you are and what an awesome family you have. N x

Devoney said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing. What an incredible journey.