Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tuesday in Disneyland

Tuesday was our first day in Disneyland.  I never made it to California Adventure Land after the events of the previous day but I'm ok with that.  Our search for breakfast ended with room service.  It was quick and easy with no traipsing around the resort as a large group looking for food.  Don't get me started on the cost though.  Who knew one Mickey Mouse waffle could cost so much?  Did you know there is a three dollar delivery charge to get food up from the kitchen to the room?  And then there is to be the customary tip as well?  See...I told ya...don't get me started!

Appetites satiated we headed through the hotel, down the elevator and out the doors.  It doesn't sound like much but really, that alone with us could be an Olympic sport.  Our hotel opened up onto Downtown Disney.  This is essentially an outdoor strip mall that runs the distance from the Disneyland Hotel through to the entrances of both theme parks.  There are all kinds of tourist friendly stores, kiosks, restaurants and buskers.  It really is a fun place full of music and people.  We didn't hang out there but were frequent travelers through it.

First thing to accomplish after we made it through the turnstile gates (these gal darn things are an attraction  in and of themselves but I believe some us might have the hang of them now!) was to head to City Hall for the best idea ever.  These are called Guest Assistance Cards.  What they are is a bypass to the long waits for the rides.  By showing the pass or indicating you had one you were allowed to enter through the exits and usually get put onto the rides within a few short minutes.  As a friend put it the pass is where Disney levels out the playing field a little.  To know that they have thought about special populations getting the most out of the park when their special needs might otherwise preclude them from doing so with wait times etc is heart warming and I am very appreciative.  To get the pass Super Helper Sue took two of the kids as proof we qualified for the pass and it was H and Amanda who were the ambassadors for the family.  Wheelchair, charming face, flailing limbs for one, blue helmet and loudly stating "bafroom!" and "eat!" who could deny us?  No problem getting the pass....

Onwards and upwards into the attractions.  Our first stop however was a photo op at the feet of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse with the castle in the background.

There are many sections to the park.  We were headed through the castle and into I don't know what section but it had the carousel, Alice in Wonderland ride, Dumbo etc.  The crowds were thick and most of the kids did not have their distance walking legs and it was hot.  Hot for us that is. You can see how we were dressed.  People had wool hats on their babies and covered them in blankets.  Fleece coats were common.  I was amused.  We were able to get the kids on the aforementioned rides along with a boat ride.    I am terrible with names so I will totally flunk out as your tour guide!  We might have been in Storybook Land.  All the kids went on these rides with varied levels of enjoyment.  Getting on some of them was a spectator sport to be sure.  Samantha nearly hit the drink getting into the boat.  Sort of funny.  It didn't bother her so I laughed.  When I turned my back while the boat was moving Samantha was dragging her hand in the water...again me....not the ride operator.  Jordan too thought putting his hand in the water and then giving Super Helper Sue a good pat was a good idea.  Disembarking, deboating, ummm getting off the boat was just as much a spectacle.  This time we delayed the ride as one of us who shall remain nameless (Jordan) refused to get off the ride.  I was holding H had at least four more on the loose and was many feet away.  As soon as I got H back in his chair I headed up to assist but he had decided it was time for him to disembark, deboat...whatever...get off.  I think it was at this time that we decided to split ranks.  Kids were done even though we had not done a lot but it was a lot for them.  I had Sue, Journey,Alyssia help us get through the crowds back to the entrance and then they would carry on with Phoenix and I would go back to the hotel with the others.  This was one of the main reasons I needed help on the trip other than safety was to make sure that those that wanted to really take a bite out of Disney were not hindered by the level of disability or crabbiness of their siblings.  Donovan is not a huge ride lover so he opted to come back with me too.

That was Tuesday at Disneyland for us.  We ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe.  Small post to follow.

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