Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm not that bright

Dear Darlings

No I don't know where your iPod is.

No I don't know why the apps downloaded onto the iPad have disappeared

No I don't know where your purse is.

No I don't know why the name of the sky is the sky

No I don't know if the Wiggles are coming to town ever again and if they do when and will it be Greg or the other yellow shirted guy (see I can't even remember the guy's name and I JUST watched the show!)

No I don't know the answers to half the stuff you people insist on asking me 24 hours a day!

For the love of all things holy....I'm not that bright!  I am not intuitive and contrary to popular opinion I am not a tracking device!  Next time you have a question GOOGLE IT!  If you need to find missing items...LOOK FOR THEM! And dare I say it...PUT YOUR STUFF AWAY WHERE THEY BELONG!

Love always your Mutha

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