Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thoughts from the dog

So here's the thing lady.  I'm hearing a lot about a kennel these days and it is used in reference to my name.  Exactly what is a kennel, who is it for and what does it have to do with me in particular?  There seems to be an awful lot of luggage scattered around the house.  What is that for?  I know I'm just a dog but don't you non furry types use those things to put your belongings in when you go somewhere for a long time?  OMG!!!!  You're LEAVING ME aren't you?  I can't believe it!!  I'm just a baby for petessake!  Whose going to look after me?  Whose underwear will I eat?  Whose socks will I eat?  Will there be dirty diapers there?  Garbage?  What will I do all day?  Who will escort me to my 'special place' and watch me as I do my bizness?  Oh LAWD  how will I manage?  I hate you for doing this!  Please don't leave me ! I love you!  
(Things I imagine Nessa to be thinking when I drop her off at the kennel tomorrow for eight days.  Eight blessed days of no dog duty! )

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