Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beyond Reason

Some things in life are simply beyond reason to me.  How is it that a family, not just any family mind you but an amazing, wonderful solid family be struck twice in three months by tragedy?  It is beyond my comprehension.

I believe in God, really I do.  I think on some level there is a master plan that we are all guided down but on occasions such as these I think the PLAN really sucks the big one.  There seems no rhyme nor reason to it and it also comes off as cruel.

Many of you know what I am talking about.  Aaron King a wonderful husband, father and man has passed away just a few short months after his beloved son Noah at the very young age of thirty nine.  Noah had hydranencephaly like my Ailish.  Left behind is his soul mate Lisa and their three other sons Jay, Harri and Kobe.  Still reeling from the loss of Noah this family must now find the fortitude and courage to move forward without their great leader.

This tragedy leads me to question why.  With Ailish and Noah we knew ultimately that every day with them was a gift.  We knew their lives would be short and we were grateful for all the wonderful years we had with them.  But why?  Why take this much loved, much needed man away from his family?  I cannot fathom a reason that would be acceptable.

I guess all that is left to do since no answer will be forthcoming until we all at some time hopefully reach the pearly gates is to offer whatever we can to the King family.  They will need all our love from far and wide.  They will require listening ears and encouragement.  They may require assistance in caring for some of the daily chores that make up a family's day.

Lisa is an amazing woman, wife and mother.  She will do what it takes.  She will however need to feel the blanket of love that we can provide.  Not only has she lost what no mother should, she has lost her life partner and partner in raising those beautiful boys.  It is so hard to give when you feel empty.  Lisa can do it however as we have watched her do it for a few months but now more than ever she will need to be lifted and sometimes carried.

My heart and my soul sit in Australia on this so so sad a day.

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