Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Medical Professionals

Sometimes you get on my last nerve!

Please please PLEASE learn how to talk to 14 year old girls remembering that they beyond any other age are at their most sensitive.  If you must talk about their weight you must do so in a way that you are not calling them FAT!  They know what they look like.  They have their peers teasing them all ready.  They don't like seeing what they see in the mirror.  They know where their differences lie.  For the love of all things holy think of them as your own children.  Would you want your child to be continually pummelled with negativity about their size?  Contrary to popular belief that weight is all in what you put in your mouth and how little you move your body there can be extraneous circumstances to added weight.  Improvements can always be made but how about being congratulatory instead of condescending about the efforts being made.  Anyone with a weight problem, primarily women can tell you that constant badgering about your above average size has a complete diametrical effect.  Far from helpful it wrecks havoc with a girl's self esteem leaving life long scarring.  Be aware of underlying conditions that make weight loss difficult...not impossible but harder to achieve.  Above all just please grab some sensitivity.  God knows you have the brains to accomplish great things or you wouldn't be accomplished in your profession but now its time to develop the common sense and emotional part of your inner selves because I have to tell you...the next time one of you makes my kid feel any less than the magnificent human being she is...I will have to take you out.

Yours truly


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