Sunday, January 15, 2012

If you had to pick....

As is commonly known I have thirteen children all of whom have some form of handicapping condition with most being severely affected by their individual underlying diagnosis.  Each child as with every child (some of whom are now adults) comes with their own unique quirks and behaviours that make up who they and for some even add to their charm.  Some the kids true enough can be very demanding in their care, keeping them safe can be challenging, managing what can be a dozen seizures a day sometimes from just one child can be interesting and then just the day to day ensuring that everyone feels that they are loved and the most important person in my life.

I have been asked on occasion as to who I think might be the most work, have the most needs, take the majority of my time.  Though I know the question comes from a place of innocent curiosity it runs on the offensive side but it did give me pause.  I ran through all that I do for each child on a daily basis, calculated, compared and in the end there was absolutely NO question.

There is one who if I am really honest gets on my last nerve innumerable times a day.  She is continually bothering her siblings with physical altercations, taking their toys and creating a noise level in the house at times that can be deafening.  Her toiletting habits are inconsistent and often times she 'misses' where others of her age might not.  She is destructive.  She destroys toys and clothing and she has little concern for other people's space or belongings.  She assumes the attitude that if she can get it it's hers.  She requires me to spend time after time redirecting her behaviour, ensuring she is adequately stimulated and giving time outs sometimes many in one day.  Trustworthy is not her middle name but it is a skill we are working on.

There of course are many positives about this one I describe but in keeping with answering the question who might  be the most work well hands down it is her....Nessa.(pictured above) I don't like having to quantify nor qualify the members of the family but when push comes to shove there is little question.

Nessa, the dog, it is


Anonymous said...

Ah ha ha!!! If only we could keep diapers on them!
Only ..... they'd eat those too! Something only a dog would do! You're right - dogs can be more frustrating!
Why, just today I found a bag of "catnip" hiding under the dog bed. Or at least thats the dogs story.
Dang teenage dogs! Trouble I tell ya!

Tricia said...

She was "holding it for a friend"....