Monday, January 23, 2012

"I Had a Dream"

Wouldn't it be great if the dream I had was all inspirational, motivational worthy of quoting for decades?

Ya so the dream I had was one where I was in Australia getting out of the shower and was then somehow placed in an auditorium.  My friend Lisa pops out of no where and asks me to give a memorial speech about her son Noah who passed a few short months ago.  I was thrilled to do it, an honour to be asked however... I was neked the waist down.  My calls to Lisa as she walked away went unheeded leaving me backstage seemingly not noticing I had but a shirt on.  I thought to myself that the shirt was long but with the seating arrangements as they were there was no way that the first few rows of seating were not going to get a bird's eye view of parts of me that are even overdue for the doctor's lookyloo.

At that point the alarm went so I have no idea what was more memorial for Noah or my, well, you knows

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The Kings said...

hahaha!! Hilarious! A VERY strange dream!