Sunday, January 15, 2012

I will remember you Miss M

As I sit to write this little M will soon be walking through the gates of heaven to hold the hand of Jesus.  I don't know her well but what I do know is that in her short five years she has fought a valiant battle against all odds.  Not a day has gone by that M was not shown an abundance of love from her devoted family and that she returned their love multiplied over.  Little M's abilities may have been severely limited but her capacity to inspire and change people's lives immeasurable.  I can only imagine the number of lessons taught to professionals and laymen alike by this one heroic little girl.

In having gone through the abhorrent loss of a child I know the emotions felt by all those who love M but none being more devastated than her immediate family.  What was so important for me when Ailish died was that people remembered her.  I couldn't bear the thought that after a short while Ailish's presence here on earth would soon be forgotten.  It continues to haunt me ten months after the fact.

The message I would like to convey to the family of Miss M is that I for one will remember.  I will remember her smile, I will remember the dedication of her family and I will remember the courageous way in which she lived her life.

When the time comes little girl, fly high with the angels and should you happen upon my most precious Ailish plant a kiss on her forehead won't you and tell her its from Mommy

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