Monday, January 9, 2012

Giving it a go

So this is my attempt at blogging. I gave it a half hearted attempt five years ago, wrote a few posts that no one was aware of and I have since deleted them as I now find them, well, stupid. I have few techno skills and little patience to learn them so I'm not sure how this will turn out but cheers to the college try!

We as a family have had a tough go of it in 2011 with the loss of our most precious Ailish in March due to a post operative complication. As you can imagine there are many emotions surrounding her passing and lessons being learned about grief and grieving and how we as a family deal with it, how friends and family deal with us dealing with it and on it goes. Some of my posts will be about Ailish, what her loss has meant to us/me and how we pick up the pieces and move on. Most however will be about us as a family, how we live our lives, working towards our individual potentials as children and adults with disabilities and all things in between.

Life is adventurous, filled with many ups, downs and huge pitfalls but as it has been said many times before now it is how we rise to the occasion where we see greatness.

There is nothing I like better than a good laugh or giving someone else a good laugh so hopefully we will all find a little of that here too (laughing with us, right? Not at us?)

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The Kings said...

I'll be laughing with you Tricia :) Looking forward to reading lots more posts about your awesome family.