Saturday, January 28, 2012

A life worth living

This is one of the videos I had made years ago.  This is Ailish.  Born with hydranencephaly a condition whereby she had zero cerebral cortex and a small malformed brain stem.  I was lucky and never had to fight for medical professionals to see her worth and want to keep her alive.  She was healthy all her life.  Many families have to take on the battle to get basic medical care for their children with the same diagnosis.  Some like to put forth quality of life arguments when they speak of children with disabilities.  As you watch this video I think it is clear that Ailish thought she had a quality filled life where she was adored, doted on and where she was able to receive love and reciprocate tenfold.  If I can speak for Ailish I would say she felt her life was one definitely worth living, profound disabilities and all.

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